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Mand Aeroforce Aero Arm Ærmer L/XL – Sort/Blå/Gul

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The Aeroforce Arm Warmers/Sleeves boast dimple aero farbic which helps to improve aerodynamics on the bike and run, whilst also offering an extra layer for warmth when competing during the colder months.

What makes this product different:

Designed for improved aerodynamics.

Tailored design to fit the arm’s natural position

Inner panel made of lightweight fabric for extra comfort

Aerodynamic and water repellent fabric based on Golf Ball Technology.

New comfort fit Italian leg grippers.



Brand new design! Making the most of the next generation of tech fabrics, the new Aeroforce Arm Sleeves ares designed to complement the Aeroforce Nano Short Sleeve Trisuit and help improve aerodynamics on the bike and run. As the flagship range of Zone3 tri apparel, these offer the very best in terms of performance, with 220 Triathlon describing the range as “World Class”.

Aeroforce is a unique dimple fabric based on golf ball technology and is located in the key areas to help minimise drag and increase speed by creating a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the suit’s surface. This allows the air to smoothly follow the contours of the body, thereby decreasing the size of the wake – slicing through the air faster and more efficiently.

Key features include:

  1. Aerodynamics:Ground-breaking Aeroforce fabric featured on the chest and the front of the legs is designed specifically to make the suit as Aerodynamic as possible. Made in Italy, this unique textured fabric creates turbulence in a layer of air around the body.  Separation of the air is therefore delayed which results in a smaller vortex and less drag. This fabric is located in areas which usually create the most drag; our innovative design helps you to cut through the air faster with every revolution or stride.
  1. Tailored fit: the fit is designed to follow the natural arm position, slightly curved.
  2. Inner lightweight fabric – Ensure the sleeves sit comfortably against the skin.
  1. Premium Italian grippers – Wide grippers give even pressure distribution and added comfort over the silicone style grippers. These are stitched to the top of the material rather than inside to create a more comfortable fit and do a fantastic job of preventing any movement during the cycle and run.

The overall sleeves are designed to improve your speed, comfort and efficiency across all three disciplines.

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